Nov 12, 2012

Notice of a Change in the Percentage Level of A Substantial Shareholder's Interest: Schroder Investment Management Group

Part I
1. Date of notice to issuer 12/11/2012
2. Name of Substantial Shareholder Schroder Investment Management Group: Schroders PLC (8.035% due to holdings in subsidiaries ) and Schroder Administration Limited (8.035% due to holdings in subsidiaries) - Please refer to the Schroder Group Structure attached as Appendix A.
3. Notice Type Notice of a Change in the Percentage Level of a Substantial Shareholder's Interest or Cessation of Interest.
Part II - Not Required
Part III
1. Date of change of Deemed Interest 08/11/2012
2. The change in the percentage level From 7.978 % To 8.035 %
3. Circumstance(s) giving rise to the interest or change in interest # Others

Purchases on behalf of clients by Schroder Investment Management Group as Investment Advisors.
4. A statement of whether the change in the percentage level is the result of a transaction or a series of transactions: Change is a result of a series transactions.
Part IV
1. Holdings of Substantial Shareholder, including direct and deemed interest :
  Direct Deemed
No. of shares held before the change 0 65,701,000
As a percentage of issued share capital 0 % 7.978 %
No. of shares held after the change 0 66,168,000
As a percentage of issued share capital 0 % 8.035 %
Footnotes (1) Where reference is made to shares, it refers to units in Frasers Centrepoint Trust ("Units").

(2) The percentage of unitholdings is based on 823,522,544 Units in issue as at 8 November 2012.

(3) Please refer to Appendix B for List of Registered Holders making up the total unitholdings in Part IV.
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