Our five-year retail green notes

Frasers Property Limited (Frasers Property) launched its inaugural retail green notes in September 2022. Decarbonisation is a key step to minimising the impact of climate change, which is why Frasers Property is committed to becoming a net-zero carbon corporation by 2050. Issued by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Frasers Property Treasury Pte. Ltd. (the "Issuer"), and guaranteed by Frasers Property, net proceeds from the retail green notes will go towards financing or refinancing new and existing green projects based on a set of criteria in accordance with the Issuer’s Green Finance Framework.

The retail green notes, which were also Singapore’s first corporate green retail notes, were over-subscribed. As a result, Frasers Property increased its total offering from S$420 million to S$500 million. The bonds commenced trading on the Main Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (the “SGX-ST”) at 9.00 a.m. on 19 September 2022 under the trading name “FPTrea 4.49%270916XB#”.

The retail green notes will pay interest half-yearly on 16 March and 16 September in each year*. The five-year retail green notes carry a fixed interest rate of 4.49% per year. Unless previously redeemed or purchased and cancelled, the retail green notes will mature and be redeemed on 16 September 2027.

Expected interest payment calendar

Ex-date Record date Interest payment date
8 March 2023 9 March 2023 16 March 2023
8 September 2023 11 September 2023 18 September 2023*
8 March 2024 11 March 2024 18 March 2024*
6 September 2024 9 September 2024 16 September 2024
7 March 2025 10 March 2025 17 March 2025*
8 September 2025 9 September 2025 16 September 2025
6 March 2026 9 March 2026 16 March 2026
8 September 2026 9 September 2026 16 September 2026
8 March 2027 9 March 2027 16 March 2027
8 September 2027 9 September 2027 16 September 2027

* In the event that the interest payment date does not fall on a business day, interest payment will be made on the following business day.

Downloads for more information

Offering Circular
Pricing Supplement
Product Highlights Sheet
Launch of Offer Media Release
Investor FAQs
Close of Offer Announcement
Close of Offer Media Release

Our seven-year retail bonds

Frasers Property Limited (Frasers Property) launched its first retail bonds in May 2015. Issued by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Frasers Property Treasury Pte. Ltd. (the "Issuer"), and guaranteed by Frasers Property, the retail bonds were well-received, resulting in Frasers Property increasing its total offering from S$200 million to S$500 million.

For more information on the seven-year retail bonds, click here to download the Offer Information Statement.

The retail bonds paid interest half-yearly on 22 May and 22 November in each year*. The seven-year bonds carried a fixed interest rate of 3.65% per year. The first interest payment date was made on 23 November 2015 (as 22 November 2015 fell on a Sunday). The bonds were fully redeemed and the last interest date payment was made on 23 May 2022 (as the maturity date of the bonds, 22 May 2022, fell on a Sunday).

Last interest payment
5th May 2022 6th May 2022 23rd May 2022
Ex-date Record Date Interest Payment Date

*Payments on Business Days

If any date for payment in respect of any bond is not a business day, bondholders shall not be entitled to payment until the following business day and shall not be entitled to any interest or other sum in respect of such postponed payment. Under the terms and conditions of the bonds, "business day" means a day, other than a public holiday, Saturday or Sunday, on which commercial banks and foreign exchange markets are open for business in Singapore.

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